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Beyond Beliefs: (based on the book "Beyond Beliefs to Convictions" by Josh McDowell) 29 Old Testament prophecies about Jesus' death and resurrection. Click here



Rising Higher Program Information:


 "But God Has the Final Word"

"But God's Ways are Not Our Ways"

"But God's Word Will be Proclaimed"

"Adult Adolescence"

"Mighty Warrior"

"Our Heavenly Dwelling"

"Cults and False Religions"

"Dynamic Duos - Spirit and Truth"

"Dynamic Duos - Sowing and Reaping"

"God's Masterpiece - The Potter's Hand"

"God Masterpiece - The Fingerprints of God"

"God Masterpiece - Shaped for Significance"

"Seven Habits of Highly Holy People"

"Ten Commandments of Core Values"

"Dynamic Duos - Prayer and Fasting"

"Dynamic Duos - Faith and Works"

Walking in the Spirit

Walking in God's Peace

Walking with God

Walking in God's Wisdom

Family Matters

Imparting the Blessing

Marketplace Ministry

Better Together - Me and My Lord

Better Together - Me and My Family

Better Together - Me and My Church

Adult Adolescence

Mighty Warrior

Adult Adolescence

"Sitting at His Feet"

National Day of Prayer

Kingdom Keys - Prayer

Kingdom Keys - Potential

Kingdom Keys - Parables

Kingdom Keys - Power

Kingdom Keys - Priorities

Kingdom Keys - Priesthood

Kingdom Keys - Pursuit

Reaching Your Potential

The Road of Suffering

I Have Seen the Lord

Still the Cross

Passover - Redemption at the Cross

The Blood Flowed (Five portions of Christ's body where the blood flowed and what each means to us today)

The Road of Suffering

The Miracles of the Resurrection

Eyes Wide Open

The Big Bailout

Fellowship with God

Cults and False Religions, Part One

Cults - Jehovah's Witnesses

Cults - Muslims and Mormons

Cults - Eastern Religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.)

Cults - The Occult

Beyond Beliefs



"Rising Higher" is the Radio Ministry of Fortress Church in San Antonio, Texas,

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